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The planning for today was to take some outfit pictures, but that turned out a little different. This morning we went walking the dogs and out of the blue my (clumsy) Belgian Shepherd runs through me and I wake up on the ground with buzzing ears and all kind of spots in front of my eyes...My husband dragged me to the car and I've spend the rest of this sunday on the cautch with a bruised back and a huge headache :( So no outfit pics for today...

Luckily for you I still wanted to share with you this recipe for a onion quice that I use very often. A little change of plans but hey, it's better then nothing right? 

You can use this recipe for diner or lunch and you can choose to eat it hot or cold. 

Ingredients for a 30 cm diameter quiche: 
3 onions
3 red onions
4 eggs
8 slices of puff pastry
150 gr of feta (in cubes) 
250 ml whipped cream

Preheat the oven to 200 degreas Celsius.
Cut the onions in rings and fry them in the frying pan untill they are soft and a little brown.

In the time the onions are frying mix the 4 eggs with the with the whipped cream and add the feta. Put in a little salt and pepper to taste.

Cover the quiche-form with the slices of pastry and add the onion slices. Cover the onions with the mix of whiped cream, eggs and feta. 

Put the quice in the oven for 30 minuten and let it cool down before you remove the form. 

Ofcourse you can also add other vegetables than onions, like sweet peppers or zucchini. Good luck trying and I hope you've had a much better sunday than I did ;)

Recipe source Allerhande


  1. Yum!! I make a similiar dish, with goats cheese instead of feta, definitely gonna have to try the feta!!



  2. You make me hungry now..that's look so yummy :)

  3. Haha, bij ons vond niemand het een succes. Ik heb hem ook gemaakt. Het ziet er wel heeeerlijk uit!

  4. yummy!
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    MaryKapsi for TheFashionGuitar

  5. hmmmm looks delicious !

  6. YUMMY!!! it does look delicious :D thanks for sharing, I'll definitely try this recipe =)

  7. that look yummy! time to feed our faces!

  8. mmm....appetissant!!!
    Angela Donava

  9. I like so much this post. Every time better.
    Come to check out my new post, i´m sure you´ll love it!

  10. This looks delish! xoxo




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