DIY "Embroidery Tee"

Good morning! It's time for a new DIY. I love a crispy white tee but sometimes it's nice to spice it up a little. This time I chose for a handmade embroidered application.
Let's start with what you need:
- A tee (preferably a non stretch one)
- Printed application
- Embroidering thread
- Pins
- A needle
- An embroidery ring
- A chalk pencil
- A light box (or make one yourself with books, a lamp and a glass plate)
Pin the paper application on your tee to define the right place. Remove it again and mark the location with a pin. Place the paper application on your light box and draw it on your tee with the chalk pencil. You only have to mark the outline of the application. Remove the pin.
Follow the lines with your needle and make sure you don't pull to hard on the thread.
And here is the end result. Make sure you wash the tee the first few times with a cup of natural vinegar to prevent color bleeding. Hope you like the DIY and wishing you a wonderful thursday!

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